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Microsoft was founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen on April 4, 1975 to develop and sell BASIC interpreters. It rose to dominate the personal computer operating system market with MS-DOS in the mid-1980s, followed by the Microsoft Windows.
MS came out with the first practical and AFFORDABLE operating system for personal computers. MS came out with the first practical and AFFORDABLE operating system for personal computers.
Microsoft brought much standardisation to the world of personal computers, and by extension, influenced the way businesses conducted both their business and their communication. 

It's arguable that the world to which Microsoft brought is less than it could have been had Microsoft not used heavy-handed (many, including myself, would say "illegal and unethical") tactics, but what we have is what we have, and Microsoft is largely responsible, not for developing the technology, but for popularising it. 
The goal of Microsoft still seems to be control of the market with all these outreaches; Microsoft products seldom work well, if at all, with established standards or existing products, and tend to create a lock-in, such that if a consumer chooses Microsoft Product A, he soon finds that he needs Microsoft Products B, C, and D in order to really get the most out of Product A. 
Microsoft vs Apple

A new poll in France says 7 out of 10 people think Microsoft did more to change the world than Apple.
in terms of sheer impact on the world? Microsoft wins, hands down. 
Microsoft gave the world two things:
·         Microsoft was the first real software company.
·         Microsoft did put a PC on every desk and in every home. 
At the end of the day, it's that last part that matters. By shifting the value in computing to software, Microsoft commodities computing hardware and made computing accessible to the masses. 
Microsoft clearly had a bigger impact on the world than Apple. The fact that we all love Apple products and they're gorgeous doesn't change the fact that the company that actually made the world realise the magic of software, and made computing accessible to almost everyone on the planet, is Microsoft
When Apple developed the Graphical User Interface, Gates and Co. copied it without shame and introduced Windows. And, for all the griping done by users, Windows is still the more affordable option. If you're not a high end user or gamer, you can buy 2 new Dells, HP or eMachines/Gateways, or 3 or 4 refurbished PCs for the price of one new Mac. If all you're doing is creating a few documents, storing some pictures from your digital camera and checking your email, why spend $1500 when you can do the same thing on a $300.

Highlights Of Microsoft

Microsoft Office
Microsoft Office, also known as MS Office, is a popular software suite featuring many desktop publishing programs. Unlike some other kinds of software, Microsoft Office is the industry standard when it comes to desktop publishing. Whenever a document is required, it is always required in the Microsoft Word format with very few exceptions. In order to stay current with industry trends, MS Office is a must.
Smart Phones(Nokia Lumia)
Microsoft purchased Nokia’s smartphone division in order to have more control over the Nokia Lumia line of smartphones, which are the most popular devices running on Windows. Microsoft has suffered in recent years due to not getting on the smartphone bandwagon soon enough and losing out to competitors like Google and Apple.

A major advantage that Bing has over an engine like Ask however is that their market reach surpasses that of even Google. If we consider Microsoft's reach onto the desktop and through the Xbox console, they have access to a large percentage of searchers – they just haven't been able to win their hearts and minds.

How Microsoft has Impacted my Life:

Microsoft have impacted my life immensely Since my biggest passion is to help people live a better life and Microsoft allow me to do that through science, Technology and innovation. Giving people the opportunity to express themselves on a global scale like through "word" etc. Microsoft allow us to work with caliber of people which also needs to enhancement of individual personality.Begin a Tech Enthusiasts, i have got many things through Microsoft. As Microsoft is the first real software company and also Microsoft provides Computer for all home, I was very much inspired by it. Whole world using Microsoft Products and i am really very proud to say i am one of them. Starting from MS-DOS as a basic operating system  Microsoft has delivered its best Widows 8 Operating system to the users with many boosting features. Microsoft doesn’t stops only with Operating System, it provides many other products like Tablet PC’s, Surface Pro, Xbox one, Skype, Skydrive, developers tools and more. Recently Microsoft bought Nokia and started to release Windows Phone that is Lumia series, Its a great boom for Nokia. I was very much inspired by windows phone which runs without any lags and its really very awesome to use Windows Operating system in mobile phone. Windows 8 is with lots of apps to fulfill my needs and i always get proper app what i am searching for. It’s really cool to get it form windows store. Windows Picture Password is also a cool one in Windows 8.
Microsoft also gives many opportunities for students like Microsoft Student Associates and Microsoft Student Partners to enhance students skills and also Microsoft Virtual Academy provides a great way for learning everything in online. All Microsoft base stuffs can be learned through this i have used Microsoft Virtual Academy to learn C# and it was great experience for me. Microsoft Virtual Academy also provides courses for developing Apps, Developing MS office and more. Next i have planned to learn Apps development in MVA. Next thing which Microsoft has impacted my life is Skydrive. Microsoft uses windows 8 interface in all its apps including web apps. New windows 8 users interface is very cool and awesome and it has attracted me to the core. Skydrive also uses a little Widows 8 user interface which made me to use it regularly. Other Microsoft online apps like Word online, Powerpoint online and One Note online which i use oftenly and these stuffs really made my work very easy. I could create documents from any where and i put it in onedrive. Later i can download it in my home computer. This actually saves my time and also made my work easy. Microsoft online apps syncs Facebook, Google and Skype accounts so i could chat with those contacts from that app itself. It’s really very useful one.
The one thing which i use more in Windows is MS-Paint which provides easy way to create any pictures. As a blogger i have to create my own picture for my blog post. MS-Paint has made my work easy.Windows Movie maker another tool which helps to create stop animation videos, A cool stuff which helps to create a video from many images. A thing i love in it is, It’s very simple to use and also it doesn’t requires more RAM. Microsoft Imagine Cup which is specially for students that helps to compete with students all over the world. Microsoft Virtual Academy, Windows Phone, Onedrive, MS-Paint, Windows 8, and online apps these are the stuffs which has impacted my life. Microsoft provides many opportunities for developers specially for students and it’s really helpful to develop their skills which studying.
Plans Being a Microsoft Student Associate

Being Microsoft Student Associate, I could conduct many activities in my campus like Idea Sharing, Creative Contents with Microsoft and more to make other students to be aware about Microsoft products and also make them to learn many things about Microsoft. My ultimate aim as Microsoft Student Associate is to bring Microsoft Enthusiasts forward and motive them to do more with Microsoft. I would also conduct many classes in my campus to make students to use Microsoft Products more effectively. More over i will discuss with my staffs to bring more Microsoft Student Associates and Microsoft Student Partners from my Campus. Those who are interested on coding with more creativity, I would suggest them to become Microsoft Student partner and also work to develop their skills. Those who are interested on learning courses i would suggest them MVA. I would request our Department HOD to conduct smart classes with Microsoft Virtual Academy.  Apart from these i will create a page in Facebook to provide latest updates about Microsoft and it’s products. Those who are not interested in these activities, I will try to know their interest and make it more beneficial using Microsoft Products. Not only in my campus, I will do all the above mentioned stuffs to all in my surroundings. Thus all will be always connected with Microsoft and it’s Products.

Microsoft Products has impacted my life and this really made me to apply for Microsoft Student Associates to know more about it and also to share about it.

Manmohan Singla

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